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Samsung A Series vs M Series | Which One Is For You?

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It’s been quite a while since Samsung has been making a diverse line up of smartphones. And, Samsung A series vs M series are one of the most competing lineups from Samsung. 

It’s obvious that people get confused while making their purchase decision whether to go with the M series or A series. 

To make it clear about what you get with both the lineup, we will be making a comparison between both the M series vs A series. 

A brief insight into Samsung M series

Samsung M series is mostly comparable with the old Samsung J series Line-up from Samsung. Which is no longer available in the market. Samsung M series is known for its up to date robust features and the competitive pricing that it is mostly available at.

Even though the lineup is a bit budget-oriented, the smartphones of the M series still come with Samsung’s brand trust. 

A brief insight into Samsung A series

Samsung A series phones is an old lineup from Samsung. It is particularly known for its premium touch in terms of its build quality and features. So, people who are more towards buying a smartphone from Samsung that is premium should go with the A-series.

Key Comparison of Samsung A series vs M series

Quality & Quantity 

A big difference between the two of the line-ups is in terms of the quality and quantity that they have to offer. Samsung A series keeps quality as the priority. Whereas, Samsung M series has a main focus on providing most highlighting features in a budget segment.  

However, this does not mean you do not get features in Samsung A series. Looking deep into a comparison between the Samsung A series vs M series, you would find that the Samsung A series has more features than the Samsung M series with significantly higher price than the M series. 

Furthermore, it has been evident that Samsung compromises on quality when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy M phones.



In terms of pricing, the Samsung A series has always been more highly-priced than the M series. People get confused by knowing why the Samsung A series is costlier when Samsung M phones offer good features at a lower price. But, it’s just a limited number of highlighting features that the Samsung M series has to offer. 

A bigger battery, super AMOLED display, and a nice camera setup are all that they focus on when it comes to the Samsung M series. Also, M series is only available online which makes it cheaper in price.



Security features

Knox security is the main feature that is different here when it comes to Samsung A series vs M series . This is the type of feature that requires a separate hardware component as well as a software feature to work in a smartphone. 

Samsung Knox is not provided in all Samsung M phones but it is present in all Samsung Galaxy A smartphones.

This is a type of feature that Samsung provides in its premium smartphones, tablets, wearables, and also in the internet of things (IoT) devices.   

It is also referred to as military-grade security that is next to impossible to breach. It simply means that your data is going to be super secure while it is protected with Samsung Knox.

Secure Folder

This is another security feature that is provided only in premium smartphones of Samsung including Galaxy A phones. Whereas, this feature is not provided with the M series.

In the secure folder, you can place your sensitive data in order to protect it from unwanted access. It is considered to be super secure and best to hide your important/private files. 

In this folder, you can also install applications that will be separate from all the other applications installed on your phone. So, if you are concerned about installing apps such as banking apps on your phone, then you can install them in the secure folder.

In-display fingerprint scanner 

In most cases, you will find an in-display fingerprint scanner to be present in Samsung Galaxy A series. 

Whereas, the M series provides a fingerprint scanner either on the back or inside the power button. So, Samsung A series as compared to M series comes out to be luckier here too.


Bixby is the personal assistant offered by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy A series comes pre-installed with the Bixby assistant. 

Bixby also offers routines and many great features with the help of which you can automate certain actions on your smartphone. This again is not present on the M series phones.

Samsung pay

Talking about Samsung A series vs M series, this is another feature that comes in Samsung A series only. Samsung pay is a great platform that allows adding all of your e-wallets as well as your credit cards or debit cards at one place. 

With the help of Samsung pay, you can make your payments hassle-free. It also makes use of NFC with the help of which you can make payments to POS machines directly without having to swipe debit or credit card. 

User base

Galaxy A series is launched in different parts of the world. Whereas, the Galaxy M series is not available globally. This means the Samsung Galaxy A series has a wider user base than the M series. 

Accordingly, Samsung optimizes its A series much better than the M series.

UI optimization

Even though the Samsung M series and A series might sometimes have the same processor, the A series of smartphones are still going to be much better optimized. 

This is again all about the Samsung One UI integration that is much better in Samsung Galaxy A series. 

Edge panel & Edge lighting

Edge panel is a premium feature that is present in the Samsung Galaxy A series and not M series. It provides access to your favorite applications and you can also pin your favorite contacts. Moreover, it also has panels such as clipboard, reminder, compass, weather & so on. 

Edge lighting is a notification feature. It offers an animated type of notification on your smartphone that looks fantastic. 

Final Words on Samsung A Series vs M Series

As discussed above in detail, we can conclude that the Samsung M series can be suitable for most of the moderate users. But, the Samsung A series is a bit more premium in terms of its design and features.

If you are a Samsung fan, then you might want to go with the Samsung Galaxy A phones. Else, the Samsung Galaxy M series is a value for money that meets most of the common needs of people such as a good camera, display, and battery life.

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