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BoAt Stone Grenade Review | It’s Boombastic

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BoAt Stone Grenade is a newly launched speaker from BoAt in 2019. BoAt has brought a bunch of changes in this model as compared to BoAt Stone 200. Also, BoAt Stone Grenade has a unique body in the shape of a grenade.

Here we would tell you the many exciting things about BoAt Stone Grenade.


One of the most astonishing things that you would notice about the speaker is its unique design. The speaker has a design of grenade with the rugged build quality. It is covered with a fabric that looks very cool in design.

The speaker is very portable according to its size while being very attractive and great in many aspects. You also get a strap made of fabric to hang the speaker. There is a branding of BoAt which is attached at the top of the speaker along with the strap.

IP X6 Water and Shock Resistance

You would be surprised to know that the speaker comes with IP X6 in this price range. You can easily throw some splashes of water and still have your speaker working just fine. It merely increases the life of the speaker as it is very common to drop your speaker here and there if it is so portable.

You can surely take the speaker to your shower and enjoy the music while taking your usual shower. Do remember not totally to dip the speaker into the water for too long.

BoAt Stone Grenade is IP X6, which means it can survive a few splashes of water to an extent. Leaving your speaker inside water entirely can cause damage to your speaker.


Bass of the speaker is a fascinating area that you may love to know about. Considering the size of the speaker, fortunately, you get a very punchy and superb bass. It is very hard to find this type of bass in any other speaker of this size right now in theĀ market.

So, if you are a bass lover, then you would not be disappointed with this section at least. We have compared the performance of this speaker with JBL Go and Portronics Soundpot, and in terms of bass, BoAt Stone Grenade outperforms both of them.

You should know that BoAt Stone Grenade has one speaker at the front and one passive radiator at the back for bass. You get an equivalent experience of lows, mids, and highs.



BoAt Stone Grenade comes with four controlling buttons that are volume up, volume down, play & pause, and power on & off button. The play & pause button also works for picking and cutting a call. It also has a built-in mic for calls. The buttons feel tactile and feel nice when you press them.

Battery Life

It is claimed that the speaker is supposed to provide 5 to 6 hours of battery backup on a single charge. In real life also the speaker can perform very well in battery backup. On a full charge, the speaker can last up to 5 hours on 70-80% volume. On full volume, the backup may be decreased.

Bluetooth 4.2

BoAt Stone Grenade comes with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity option. This ensures better connectivity with the speaker with efficient power consumption.

This speaker cannot sync with one more speaker, unlike some other Bluetooth speakers in the market. To have that ability, Bluetooth 5.0 is the requirement which we do not get here.

Connectivity Options


Speaker has a good number of connectivity options. This includes connectivity with Bluetooth, aux cable, and micro SD card. There is no FM provided in this speaker, which may not be a requirement for many people.


Portability of the speaker is no doubt something you would love. It would take small space to place this speaker in your travel bag, and you would be ready to go wherever you want to go.

Also, the speaker easily fits in the palm of your hand. So, you can imagine how easily you can carry the speaker and keep listening to your favorite music.


Final Words for BoAt Stone Grenade

BoAt Bluetooth speakers are always amazing, and this time, BoAt Stone Grenade has won many hearts. So, we would surely recommend you to buy this speaker if this is your budget.

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