Freaks of Web is about a group of people who are crazy about online content. So, we decided to find a platform to share our craziness with the rest of the world. With this idea, we created this platform. We post informative articles to let everyone know more about what is happening around the world.

About the Author 

The authors of the website are Indian and are passionate about writing on different topics. We try our best to provide quality content of various categories. Our authors are well trained in their niche.

Abdul Wahid khan is the main author as well as the founder and owner of this website.

The objective of Freaks of Web 

This website aims to spread information to the people who are also passionate about online content. 

Website Reviews

We also love to review the websites of businesses and promote their work. If you also own a business, just leave an email to us on [email protected] for a review. A website review often helps people understand how a business is doing in practical life. We try our best to frame out all the pros and cons of websites.