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What are the Escape Rooms? Exciting facts about them!

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The Escape rooms are quite fun when it comes to a person who likes solving a puzzle, finding solutions, discovering things, etc. 

In the international market, this is one of the games that are very much preferred. So, here we are going to give you some of the reasons why escape rooms are so exciting. 

Reasons why the Escape rooms are fun:

Brain Game

Playing a game that requires intense use of your brain is always a fun. These types of games are preferred by both adults and kids. Also, it acts as a brain exercise for people who play it. 

Puzzle solving

The Escape Room games involve finding of clues or solutions to the unsolved puzzle. Once you discover how to solve the puzzle you will be able to escape the room you are locked in.


As we mentioned, it is a puzzle & it becomes a mystery as all of the clues are hidden cleverly. And, you need to use your brain and solve the mystery. With the mysterious nature of  this game, it is never boring.  

A good time pass 

If you are having a bad time trying to find something fun, you must give this game a try. It is fun & engaging and can easily cover up your free time.

The Escape Rooms game can be played both Virtually and Physically

With so many games being virtual in the industry it is no surprise to find a virtual escape room. Being virtual, you might have to use virtual reality device for a better experience.

Improving your team skills

When you are playing with your friends, you are actually being in a team and coordinating with each other to work towards a common goal. 

Research skills 

These types of Escape Rooms are good to improve your research skills to a great extent. 

Relieves Stress

For a set period of time, you are freed from you usual boring and difficult life! How cool that is to divert your mind towards something interesting.

Can be a practice for real life locked up situation

Who knows, you might have to face some real life situation where you have limited time and you are packed at a place you have never been to.

Makes you smarter

Needless to say, you can be smarter than people who never even tried this brain game of escape room.

Tips & tricks to solve the Escape Rooms

Try to look for clues

Don’t just look around. You are here to understand and use your detective mode to the best. Find things that are telling you something. Patterns, different colored shapes and a lot of things can be there just to help you solve the game.

Stay Calm

The best way to use the fullest potential of your mind is to stay calm and understand the fact that it is an Escape room and you have to solve it.

Take advantage of your team

All the people looking at the same place isn’t a good idea when you have a team. Distribute the task and work to find the things fast.

Know that there can be things to confuse you

Not everything has a reason of it’s existence in the the escape game. Try understanding the things and collect them all together to form a meaning.

If it’s not forming any meaning, keep it aside so that later on you might find something related.

Keep track of time

Don’t spend your time on a single clue too much. Even if a clue is actually going to fit into puzzle, try to look for some other easier clue that may later on match with a difficult one to form the meaning.

Areas that don’t catch attention easily can be important

Turn over the damn carpet! Look under the bed. See if you find something written under table. It has to be a bit difficult but not impossible to find.

Think about the areas in the room that can be hard to think about.


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