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Hostinger Web Host Review – After 3 Years of Usage

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If there is one name that has got good fame for hosting, it is Hostinger. From the beginners to the pro, everyone uses it. Here in this web host review, we will have points to make you understand why you should also try this web hosting for your website.

So, What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is cloud storage that allows you to store files online so that they can be opened through your website URL/Domain.

And, your website can be accessed from any corner of the world!

About Hostinger

Headquartered in Kaunas, Lithuania. This is an international hosting provider and the domain registrar. Having it’s presence in the market since 2004.

Great things about Hostinger:


99.99% uptime is what they claim and even in real-life scenarios, you will hardly ever notice any downtime with the server. 

However, there are rare times when you might see some backend issues. These usually get fixed in no time. I have written about them separately in my Hostinger Resets its Users’ Password Post. You should read it for good!

A range of Hosting plans

From shared hosting to dedicated hosting plans you have all the choices to make your decision.

To be more clear, you have options of Shared hosting plans, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, cPanel hosting, Minecraft hosting, WordPress hosting India & CyberPanel VPS hosting.

Affordable Plans

If you are just starting up with a blog or a website, you can opt for the shared web hosting plans. They are the best and cheapest. Yet, they deliver great quality of service for the small and medium traffic websites. 

For the pro users, you guys have the VPS plans, cloud hosting, Cyberpanel VPS hosting and whatnot. 

With this web host review, we can say for all the plans, you have reasonable prices and good output. 


Hostinger custom cPanel known as HPanel

This is just another name for our good old cPanel. But, you will find this to be very different in terms of user interface if not the features. 

The Hpanel seems much more polished and modern with all the advanced settings that have always been available in a traditional cPanel. 

All of the options and settings seem very well organized in this panel. 

WordPress optimized

Wordpress Web host

Almost all of the hosting plans have been optimised to run WordPress websites flawlessly. They seem to have all the latest machines for their server that can give an extra boost to your website. 

They have a feature called WordPress acceleration. This is based on a LiteSpeed cache for WordPress (LSCWP) system to make your site run smoothly. 

This can also be because Hostinger uses the Linux server platform. It’s industry-leading, lightweight, efficient, reliable and powerful enough to keep your websites up and running. 

Money-Back Guarantee

You have a 30 days money refund policy so that you can get your money back in case you do not like this hosting provider. But, people do like this hosting in the end.

CDN services

If you are getting their high-value plans, you will get the CDN included. CDN ensures that your website loading times are not bad due to the visitors from across the globe. 

Hostinger domain registry

Apart from being a good Hosting provider, Hostinger also offers a domain registry service. 

Not just this, if you are taking their Premium Web Hosting plan, you also stand a chance to get a free domain. That means you can register a new domain for yourself with no extra charges! And the validity of that new domain will be 1 year. 

Customer Support: 

We have a mixed opinion here. Back in 2018, the chat services used to be awesome and they replied as soon as we used to message them. 

But, after the COVID situation of 2020, things changed a little bit. Now when you have issues related to your hosting service, they easily take 15 or 20 minutes to reply. Sometimes a couple of hours to get back to you via email as the chat is not always available. 

However, they are very friendly and committed to helping you even if you have silly issues to discuss with them that you should have known yourself being a webmaster

We have contacted them many times and it has been satisfying from day one. 

This web host review will be incomplete if we do not include this part of the review. The customer support team is empathetic and tries their best to solve the issue. They try to fix it or tell you a fix even if it is not an issue from their end but yours. 

Setting up of a website

Easy setup of Website

You have the auto-installer for the apps on your hosting. There is also an SEO tool right into your hosting to get started with improving your organic rankings. 

You have backup services to set up and be sure that you never lose your important data and great efforts. 

Also, there is easy enabling of the SSL certificate. And loads of more convenient options for website setup.

Website builders

With some of the plans, you can get 3 months of free website builder access. 

Not everyone who wants to create a website is technically equipped with the skills to code everything and create an outstanding website. 

So, website builders are an essential part of every web hosting service nowadays and you should always look for this while you are creating your website. It saves a ton of time. 

Free SSL

SSL is becoming more of a need to establish trust among your audience. It’s a security feature that allows your visitors to save their sensitive information securely on your website. Such information includes payment details, credit card details, etc. 

Webmail Hostinger

Hostinger, just like any other web host, provides its default webmail interface. The interface is usable and does the job just the way you expect. 

In case you do not like it, Hostinger also offers professional Email for which there will be extra charges. 

Best web hosting for WordPress? 

To be able to conclude whether this is the best web host or not, you need to take into consideration your budget and preference of the control panel (cPanel) that is Hpanel in Hostinger. 

You also have some other options that can be there in the list while you wish to search for the best web hosting for WordPress websites. We will continue to share other options with you in the future posts. With this web host review, we tried our best to lay down the points you need to know before you can make your purchase. We explained our experience with each of the points mentioned above. 

Do we wish to continue using Hostinger web hosting? 

Yes, our overall experience of using this web host was good enough to be using this hosting provider even in the future. 

Things that we did not like are degraded customer service over time and a few glitches with the Hpanel.

Again, these issues are something that came to my notice after the surge of COVID 19 back in 2020. So, it is fine to say that these issues might be just temporary and may get better with time. 


Hostinger has made its good presence in the market of web hosting companies. You have all the reasons why you should choose Hostinger as your web host and even domain registrar. We do recommend at least giving it a chance and who knows you might end up choosing this brand again and again.

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