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How Fully Remote Companies Changed Lives

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Have you been wondering about life after the pandemic? Do you also wonder how fully remote companies have impacted office cultures? Were you thinking about working from home even after the Pandemic? Or you just find this work from home stuff frustrating? These are some questions employees and businesses are eager to know about. 

Since the past few months, businesses have changed their working completely. This complete transition has not only changed the workplace culture but forced employers to transform their services as per the demand.

Now let us find out if this new working remotely from home will be continued post-COVID-19. Or, will they resist changing their traditional work culture?

List of Companies that are ready to embrace the new normal:

Before this Pandemic, companies had a misconception that fully remote companies hinders work quality. But, this forced work from home helped many companies prove them wrong. And many companies have already planned to continue this new normal.

Here is the list of some companies which have declared to continue this culture post-COVID-19: 


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprising announcement to move 50% of its employees for telecommuting for the next 10 years. He believes that this idea would bring more employee satisfaction. Thus, help in getting more quality work and better results.

Also, he thinks that this will provide more opportunities for employees working on different geographical boundaries. 


Twitter on the other hand also jumped to the list of continuing working remotely with a certain percentage of employees. Though, Twitter’s President Jennifer Christine hasn’t mentioned any data about it but hinted to continue it forever if things go well. 


Run by twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, Square is ready to allow their employees to work remotely post Covid-19. It has announced to let their staff members work in an environment they choose. 


Shopify CEO Toby Lutke expressed his views about shifting his workforce to one of the fully remote companies in the market once the pandemic gets over. It has already closed its workplaces till 2021. Now, they are planning to shift some of its workforces forever to telecommuting. 


Google word from home

U.S tech giant Google to continue working remotely until the summer of 2021. As per the sources, this major search engine giant is the first to declare such a long duration to work from home entirely.

Google work from home announcements have made a buzz in the tech world for the competitors planning to open offices by New Year. 

Pros and Cons of Permanent Work From Home

There always has been a lot of debates on the pros and cons of remote work.  Before the Pandemic, companies resisted choosing work from home as an option. 

On one hand, freelance work from home has become a trend in most parts of the United States. Many countries have joined the chorus. But, still companies hesitate to move fully to work from home. Let us show you the pros and cons of working from home:


Fewer disruptions by office colleagues

The biggest hindrances employees face is the constant disruptions by colleagues while working. Listening to their chitchats, wastes more time. Thus, affecting the work quality and hindering the speed. Therefore, work from home creates a better environment for them to focus well.

Saves commuting time

Daily commuters know the best how relaxing it feels not getting stuck at traffic jams and hours-long journeys. The biggest advantage of working remotely is you don’t have to spend your precious time commuting. It encourages employees to give their full potential to work without getting exhausted in traveling. 

Employee satisfaction

Fully remote companies provide satisfaction to an employee’s desires. The more satisfied the employee is, the better results he will provide.

Working from home helps employees to spend more time with their families. It helps to increase their mental satisfaction. Thus, gives better opportunities to employees to provide quality work by maintaining a healthy environment. 

Enhances both quantity and quality of work

better quality and quantity

If an employee is happy, he will work harder and better. Since work from home provides both personal and professional satisfaction to employees. It will increase their overall performance. Fewer hindrances will ultimately increase their capacity to work and they will concentrate better. 


Poor internet connectivity

The biggest issue companies are facing to provide work from home is network connectivity. In many areas, employees can’t keep working from home due to network issues. Many employees complain about poor internet connectivity while working from their homes.

Less coordination in employees

Due to less direct interaction in fully remote companies, it gets tough for some employees to mix-up with each other. Having a proper office environment allows employees to interact with each other and get social. But, working remotely makes employees less interactive with each other, which in turn also affects teamwork.

No space in personal and professional life

Working in a proper office environment has fixed hours. Once you reach home, you don’t have to work. But work from home means that you can’t decide the working hours. Thus, in turn, increases stress and pressure on employees.

That is also a reason why many employees prefer working from the office. That way, they can have a proper balance between work life and personal life.

Less requirement of office spaces

For start-ups, this can be a good thing. But for big companies, who have already signed their leases will face losses. Before this pandemic, companies already bought office premises on lease for years. And that will be another loss for companies.

On the flip side, the office space businesses will also be hit hard by this. If most of the companies move to fully remote companies, there will be hardly anyone to buy office spaces. 

Other than that, the office space businesses will also be hit hard by this. If most of the companies move to working remotely, there will be hardly anyone to buy office spaces. 

Work From Home Tips


It is crucial that you have a dedicated workspace for your office work. You just cannot make your sleeping bed a working place as well. You have to be in a working mode and that can be only in a formal setting.

So, a working chair and table is essential. Here are some of the great working setups you can buy on Walmart:

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Winding Up 

This Pandemic has changed the work lives completely. It encourages companies like Amazon, Google, Barclays, Microsoft, etc. to shift to the working remotely culture. Not only this, but it also made other companies think about shifting some portions of their workforce to the work from home culture.

This new normal will be a drastic change in businesses. Along with that, freelance work from home will also face a boom in the coming years. We are going to enter into a world, where working will have no geographical boundaries. It will connect the whole world into one place. 

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