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Grand Theft Auto VI Official Update of Development

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Grand Theft Auto is a game liked by a huge number of gaming enthusiasts. Regardless of what your age group is, you will have a thrilling time playing this game. The last GTA series was released back in September 2013 called Grand Theft Auto V. It is no doubt still one of the best video games in the market.

Ever since the last release, people have been curious about the GTA VI release date. Here we have the good news for you.

Rockstar Games has finally taken the chance to talk about its long-awaited next series, Grand Theft Auto VI. They have confirmed that the game is now in the making. And you know what this means. Something really delicious is cooking in the house.

We have had a chance to hear this from one of the Rockstar Games representatives.

Grand Theft Auto VI, just like any other older GTA Games, is going to be unique in its own way. Rockstar Games don’t just go with the market trends. They always come up with gaming experiences that drive us to be obsessed with their games for years to come.

This is the time when the GTA community is stronger than ever before. GTA V and GTA online are all set to come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox. It will be supporting 4k resolution, HDR and 60 fps gaming experience. Not just this there will be a lot of surprises along the way as the game rolls out.

There are many improvements coming to the existing GTA online to blow your mind. This includes new CareerBuilder options such as Biker, Executive, Nightclub, owner or gunrunner and exotic vehicles.

Rockstar Game knows well how eager its followers have been all these years about Grand Theft Auto VI. Moreover, they are thankful for all the support and love that made them do great work.

Also, don’t forget to share this news with GTA lovers. Stay tuned with us to keep hearing about such amazing news.

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