Dark mode in the past few days has been getting a lot of popularity and love. Users are actively using the dark mode present in some areas of Android Pie and Android 10. So, here is a useful feature called Google chrome dark mode android for you all if you are loving the latest trend of dark mode in Google applications. 

We are going to let you know how you can enable dark mode in Chrome Android. This applies both to the theme of the menus & address bar as well as the web content of Google Chrome. So, all your web browsing will have a dark background. This will not only be gentle to your eyes but will also save a lot of juice on your Android device, especially on phones with AMOLED display. 

Here are a few quick steps for how you can enable Google Chrome dark mode Android:

In order to make sure that this trick works on your device, you should firstly update your Google Chrome application to the latest version. Also, this might not work on devices running Android 8 or lower. So, newer versions of Android only have chances of taking advantage of this trick. You can still try the following steps even if you are on an older version of Android to know if the trick works for your device:-

1. Firstly open Google Chrome browser and enter chrome://flags/  in the URL bar. This will open an advanced type of menu which includes a ton of options. You should not mess up with just any options listed in this menu.

Flags page

2. Now here search for Android Chrome UI dark mode. This option would be disabled by default and this is what you have to enable.

After enabling this option, you will see a relaunch Google Chrome option on the bottom of your screen. Now hit the relaunch button and after relaunching Google Chrome, you should see chrome dark theme on the address bar and menu options.

Android Chrome UI dark mode

3. Now head to chrome://flags/ again and search for Force Dark Mode for Web Contents. Now again enable this and click on the relaunch button on the bottom. This will now totally change your web browser background to a chrome dark mode theme for web content.

Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

You would simply love using your chrome browser if you are a dark mode lover.

Why should you use Google Chrome dark mode on Android?

Easy on your Eyes

One of the first reasons why you should be using Chrome dark mode Android is because it won’t hurt your eyes as much as a white theme of Google Chrome would. Black theme would make sure that lesser light hits your eyes and as a result, your eyes won’t be harmed as much. 

Studies show that bright screens can also greatly disturb the night sleep of people. So, if you are using your web browser at your bedtime, then it is highly recommended to check out this dark mode for chrome. 

Saves your smartphone battery

Smartphones nowadays have larger screen that can drain a lot of battery throughout the day. With larger screens more pixels are lighten up when you use your smartphone. More lighter pixels use more battery. 

So, if you change your Google Chrome browsing to a dark mode theme, then it can save you some battery of your smartphone while you browse the internet. This is why Chrome dark mode Android is a good way of saving your smartphone battery. 

It looks cool

Apart from all the benefits that you get from using Google Chrome dark mode, you can have a cool looking browser. We have been using our browsers with white background since quite some time now. So, a change is always appreciable. 

Dark mode already available on Google Chrome Windows

Another big reason why you would want to use Google Chrome dark mode Android is because dark mode is available on Windows version of Chrome since long ago. People can easily switch to a dark mode of Chrome using Google Chrome extensions on Windows. 

So, if you want that same experience on your Android device, then you can have it with the guide given on this page. 

Good for long hours of work 

Combining all the benefits that we discussed, it is clear that for long working hours, you might want to use Chrome dark mode Android. It would save your smartphone battery, would reduce your eye strain, and hence would enable you to have a sound sleep at night. 

Please note that this is a trick and an experimental feature to make an early feature work on most of the devices that support it. So, this might still have some glitches or clashes with a few websites. 

If you use Google Chrome for security sensitive purposes like payments, accessing of private and confidential data, then you may not want to use this customization of chrome dark mode. 

Only freaks of tech might want to try this customization or those who use Google Chrome only for browsing normal internet content. So, here you might want to use another web browser for secure browsing.              

Google says this customization can compromise some security or privacy of users since it is an experimental feature. You should only use this feature if you are a dark mode lover and would love to use an experimental feature like us. In case of any problems, consider reverting all the changes that you made looking in this guide.

Google might release this feature as a normal option in Google Chrome which would be available to all the users after some time. So, you would be able to enable/disable dark mode in Google Chrome Android from the settings itself. Until the official release, you can enjoy using Chrome dark mode Android with this guide.

Please leave us comments on how was your experience using this feature. Your feedback would help us create more helpful content. Keep reading our future articles for more such amazing tricks and tips. 


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