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MIUI 10 Update is Coming Soon with Impressive Features

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Xiaomi has achieved great success as per a recent study that revealed Xiaomi now has a user base of 206.9 million. Xiaomi released its new MIUI 10 update back in June 2018. Ever since then, the latest MIUI 10 has been in the beta testing stage. However, Xiaomi is going to release a global public stable version of MIUI 10 very soon. MI phone users are quite excited to get the new MIUI 10 update on their phones.

Xiaomi has been reportedly rolling out the MIUI 10 update in China and should soon roll out globally.

Let us check out the MIUI 10 features that are coming soon:

Full-Screen Experience

MIUI 10 is bringing a tremendous full-screen experience, which is a lot similar to the iPhone X. Xiaomi has provided a dedicated option to hide the on-screen navigation buttons in MIUI 10 update completely. This will ensure that you get more of the screen area in your smartphone, resulting in better media consumption.

You would think how would you navigate without navigation buttons. However, Xiaomi has introduced gesture-based navigations with MIUI 10 update. You can swipe from the bottom of the phone to the center to go to the home screen and swipe from the bottom and hold in the center to bring recent apps.

A New Notification Bar

For those who have got bored with the old notification bar of the MIUI updates, this update is bringing a new notification bar. This time Xiaomi is introducing a full-screen notification bar that looks much cleaner than before. This also adds to the full-screen experience tagline of MIUI 10 update.

Recent Apps

An all-new recent app panel looks so clean and perfect that you will love the latest MIUI 10 update. What makes it so good is that it covers the full-screen and now shows the apps side by side.

Nature Sounds Notifications

The new MIUI 10 update is bringing nature sound notifications which sound very pleasing to ears and soul. Xiaomi has updated all the notification sounds with this new upcoming update to provide a new and fresh experience.

Faster App Launches

Xiaomi has worked hard to speed up the new MIUI by making it much smoother than ever before. A very lightweight MIUI 10 skin on top of latest Android versions ensures faster app launches.

AI Portrait Mode

The new update is bringing AI portrait mode that will capture background blur images even with single-camera phones. So, the results with this AI portrait mode are just beautiful. You will have to re-think if your phone has a single camera or dual.

These are the new features that the latest MIUI 10 is bringing soon. There is no MIUI 10 release date disclosed by Xiaomi but keep checking the system updater of your phone to know if MIUI 10 download is available or not. Stay tuned to get more information on new updates coming soon.

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