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Why Infinity Fuze Speakers can be an alternative to JBL Speakers

We all know that Infinity Fuze speakers are gaining a lot of attention these days. There are indeed some legitimate reasons why you would also be interested in knowing about these speakers.

With the increasing demand for portable speakers, competition has also increased. There are loads of companies making Bluetooth speakers these days and it becomes difficult to choose especially if you are tight on your budget.

On the contrary, if you are willing to spend a good amount, then you can get one of the best speakers.  So, let us dive straight into what Infinity portable speakers have got to offer us. 

Some little known facts about Infinity speakers:

Infinity Fuze brand is Owned by Harman Kardon 

You must have heard this name in the past especially if you are a music lover like us. Harman Kardon is the same company that creates JBL speakers and AKG audio devices. You must be familiar with the audio quality that JBL speakers offer. 

This fact alone says you can expect some outstanding quality audio from Infinity Bluetooth speakers. 


We all know how expensive JBL speakers can be to buy. For this reason, Infinity speakers come out to be an attractive deal to grab. The speakers of the Infinity brand can be as affordable as Rs 799 for Infinity (JBL) Fuze pint. Whereas, the range goes all the way up to Rs. 3999 for Infinity Fuze 700. The prices might change as per the company’s decision and market situations. But, usually, this is for how much you can get Infinity speakers. So, basically, you are getting such high-quality speakers in a much budget-friendly price bracket.

Dual Equalizer 

These speakers are also equipped with a dual EQ system which allows you to switch between normal bass and deep bass. This can come extremely handy if you use the speaker for music listening as well as news listening or normal audio streaming. This way you can switch your Infinity Fuze speaker to normal mode for news listening and save a lot of power. On the contrary, if you wish to listen to songs or play games, you can select the deep bass option for a richer sound experience. 

The pairing of two Infinity Fuze speakers like JBL speakers

All the Infinity (JBL) speakers from Infinity Fuze 100 to Infinity Fuze 700 come with this feature of pairing two Fuze speakers with each other. This is very similar to what we are familiar with in JBL speakers. With the help of this feature, you would be able to get a surround sound experience with two speakers paired with each other. 

Rugged design 

In this section, we would say that the Infinity brand is well inspired by JBL speakers. Hence, all of the Infinity Bluetooth speakers come with a rugged design and robust durability. Be it Infinity JBL Fuze pint or Infinity Fuze 700, all the speakers have been made with the reliable build quality. Overall, a rugged design greatly adds to the build quality of the speaker and makes it worth buying. 


Portability is one area because of which many people go with Bluetooth speakers. With the cylindrical design, Infinity speakers can be held in one hand easily. Also, this makes them even better to carry on your trips. It will take only a little space and would still do the thing to entertain you. 

So, all of these features combined with the affordability that comes along, are a good number of reasons to try out these speakers. We believe that you can buy these speakers if you are not having a good budget to buy a JBL speaker. But, when your budget is not an issue, then you would surely prefer to go with JBL flip speakers or JBL charge speakers.

Let us take a look at the many speakers that are offered by the Infinity Fuze brand.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze pint Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

This is a very handy and small Bluetooth speaker from Infinity Fuze line up. This one is also one of the most affordable out of all Fuze speakers. Due to the many features that it offers despite its size, it can be one of the favorite speakers of many people to buy. 

Key features of Infinity Fuze pint
  • Portable Bluetooth 5.0 speaker
  • Pocket size
  • A dual equalizer with deep bass and normal bass
  • Voice assistant integration when connected to your smartphone 
  • 5 hours playback
  • Inbuilt mic for calls

You should not expect so good of bass output from this speaker, but you can still enjoy playing your favorite tracks on this. 

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Infinity Fuze 100

This one is a bit more powerful speaker than Infinity (JBL) Fuze pint. The speaker is suitable for small rooms. This speaker has gained a lot of attention due to its performance and the price tag that it comes with. So, let us check out what this speaker has got to offer us. 

Key features of Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • A dual equalizer with normal and deep bass settings
  • 9 hours of playback
  • Fits comfortably in a fist
  • Voice assistant integration
  • Two Fuze 100 speakers can be paired
  • Inbuilt microphone

One thing that you would notice right away is the build quality that comes out to be really nice in this Infinity Fuze device. It is surely matching the build quality that is offered in JBL speakers. 

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Infinity Fuze 200

Now here comes a well-powered speaker from Infinity brand. It is a 15-watt speaker that is well suitable for a medium-sized room. Not just the power but, it comes with a larger power cell inside to offer you longer battery life. It is loud, it has powerful bass, a nice battery backup, and a bunch of other goodness. What else do you need from a speaker?

Key features of Fuze 200

  • 10 hours of playback time
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Voice assistance integrated
  • Dual connect to make it a 30w speaker combination
  • Dual EQ

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Infinity Fuze 700

Here comes an even more powerful speaker with 20W audio drivers inside. This can be used in a medium-sized to a large room. This speaker has many of the same features of Infinity Fuze 200 except a few. 

Key features

  • Stereo sound with 10 watts of two audio drivers inside
  • 10 hours of playback 
  • Built-in power bank powered by its 2600 mAh of battery
  • Water resistance of IPX7
  • Dual connect
  • Dual EQ
  • Voice assistance with a smartphone connected
  • Thumping bass experience

We can definitely say that it is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker from the Infinity Fuze line-up. 

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These Infinity speakers home devices have a great chance to replace your old speakers that need long wires and a fixed place to work. 

Can we find JBL speakers in the same range?

Yes, we can also find some of the JBL speakers that you would think are better than Infinity at this same price range. But, are they really better than Infinity Fuze? Well, that depends on what you expect from a speaker in a low price segment. If you wish to get a speaker of high quality and good highs and mids, then JBL Go speakers should be great for you. But, if you are looking for a speaker with good bass, then you would find that in Infinity Fuze speakers. So, we can conclude that the Infinity brand offers budget range speakers with good bass quality and overall build. On the other hand, the JBL sound system offers a quality output in terms of lows, mids, and highs.

Following are a few offerings from JBL for the budget range buyers.

JBL GO Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Go is a compact speaker offered by the JBL brand. It is powered by a 3W driver inside of it. Apart from that, it comes in many different color options. This makes it very appealing in looks and makes it feel premium. 

Features of JBL GO

  • Signature Sound of JBL
  • 5 hours of playback time 
  • Noise-cancellation calling feature 
  • Google and Siri assistant integration 

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JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

As the name suggests, this device is an improvement over the JBL GO. This speaker comes with almost the same features as JBL Go with IPX7 as an add-on feature. This lets you take the speaker to places such as your shower or near your swimming pool. But, there is one downside, i.e. JBL Go & JBL Go 2 do not have bass as good as Infinity Fuze speakers. But, you can still try these JBL offerings for a rich sound if you are not a bass lover.

Features of JBL Go 2 

  • IPX7 Waterproof certification 
  • Improved audio output when compared to JBL Go 
  • Noise-cancellation calling
  • JBL Signature Sound

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JBL Clip 3 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is also one of the offerings from JBL that a lot of people love due to its ultra-compact design. It is indeed very easy to carry along with yourself. The reason that it has a clip with it further makes it easy to hang it anywhere you feel convenient. This would even save your in-bag space and would let you still carry it. It also comes in a different range of colors to choose from. This speaker further impresses us by its IPX7 waterproof rating. 

Features of JBL Clip 3 

  • IPX7 Waterproofing
  • Playback time up to 10 hours with optimum audio settings 
  • Google and Siri assistant integration 
  • Noise and echo cancellation calling feature 

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These were the budget-friendly speakers from JBL just like Infinity Fuze speakers. Now, let us take a look at the high end portable audio speakers from JBL. 

JBL Flip 5 

Are you a die-hard music lover? Do you wish to own a portable speaker that literally has the quality that you need? So, this is the speaker that you need to look at. JBL Flip 5 is a 20-watt speaker with all the goodness that JBL usually offers. 

Key features

  • IPX7 Certified Waterproof 
  • Comes in A rainbow of colors to choose from
  • 12 hours of playback time 
  • Partyboost feature to link different partyboost speakers together 

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Now this series has the capabilities to easily outperform Infinity Fuze speakers. This is because JBL Flip series have great audio output as well as these are expensive too.

JBL Charge 4 30W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Here is one of the most powerful Bluetooth speaker that JBL has to offer in its portable Bluetooth list. It is a powerful 30 W Bluetooth speaker which can indeed cover a wide range of area with its sound.

Some of the key features of this speaker include:

  • Sound Quality
  • Thumping Bass
  • Loudness
  • Reliable brand
  • 20 Hours of playback with 7500 mAh power bank built-in
  • IPX7 waterproof

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People mostly change their minds to buy these speakers due to the JBL speakers price. We assure you that you would simply not regret your decision if you wish to buy a JBL audio speaker.  Are you confused between JBL Flip and Charge speakers? JBL Flip speakers are a bit less powerful than the Charge series with the Charge series offering additional power bank feature to charge your other devices. Whereas, Infinity Fuze speakers are no where in the competition with JBL charge or JBL flip speakers.

These were a few speakers from one of the best brands in the audio segment. These are also available at different prices that makes them literally the best speakers as per your budget.

You can check their latest price from Amazon Based on the review above on the reasons why these speakers are the best,. Based on your budget you can choose which one to buy.

Bottom Line 

As per my personal observations, Infinity portable speakers have a better bass output when compared to entry-level JBL speakers. Overall quality might still not match with JBL speakers. Whereas you can get some really fantastic bass output in the high-end JBL speakers such as JBL charge speakers. 

All we can say is that if you are tight on your budget, then you might want to surely try out Infinity Fuze 100 or Infinity Fuze 200. Any of these two are perfect to win your heart if you are a bass lover. Whereas, you would love JBL Go if you wish to get high-quality mids and highs. You should not expect much punchy lows from JBL Go speakers as they don’t have passive radiators. I hope this blog helps you decide which speaker to buy!

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