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boAt Storm Smartwatch – Review & Highlights | Best in Range

boAt which is known for launching really awesome gadgets and audio devices, has launched this superlative boAt storm smartwatch. We have used this smartwatch for a month now and will be telling you how was our experience with it. 

Highlights of boAt storm smartwatch

Beautiful display 

boAt Storm Smartwatch Display

The smartwatch is having a nice crisp display. The glass on the screen also looks pretty great and premium. When you wearing it, it would be very obvious that you are not wearing any cheap or low budget watch. It has a 2.5D curved glass with 33mm full touch color display. 

The touch is also smooth along with the animations in the user interface. 

All thanks to boAt that seldom fails to offer great quality at best price in the industry. 

SpO2 sensor

Keeping in mind the current situations of pandemic, it is becoming rather essential to have an oximeter in your home for yourself and your family members. 

Having the feature of SpO2 built right into your smartwatch can be such a comfort. The idea here is that your device will not become obsolete or useless once the pandemic is over. You can continue to use your watch as a smartwatch and use it’s other features even after the pandemic. 

Although, boAt and most of the other smartwatches that come with spO2 sensor mention that this feature is only for reference purpose and not for medical use. It can not be considered as an alternate to the medical grade equipments to measure blood oxygen level. In order to get the most accurate results of oxygen saturation, you should still reach out to your doctor.

However, with our tests and comparisons with the spO2 oximeters available in the market, the spO2 sensor in the boAt storm smartwatch came out to be very accurate. 

Blood pressure 

Blood pressure sensor is not available in many of the smartwatches in this price range. This is one distinguishing feature that separates boAt storm watch from the competition and levels up the game. 

However, the blood pressure monitor is not as accurate as spO2 sensor of this smartwatch. But, it is still a nice addition to the overall value of the watch. The results of blood pressure are close to the accurate ones to allow you to maintain normal BP. It will still give you an idea about your health. 

Heart rate monitoring

boAt storm smartwatch sensors

It offers 24 hours uninterrupted heart rate monitoring. It can really help you in being sure about how is your heart working. Delivering overall health tracking and improvements in the long run. 

Heart rate monitor watches are very common nowadays and you should not miss this feature in this smartwatch as well.

Relax Breathing exercise 

You have the option to practice deep breathing with the relax feature of this watch. As per the studies, deep breathing relaxes your mind and relieves stress. 

1 minute breathing exercise can instantly relieve your stress and lower your anxiety levels.

Deep breathing exercise is also very beneficial for your lungs and heart. So, why miss on such a great feature? You can definitely choose this smartwatch for the sake of interesting features like this one. 

Alarm, stopwatch & timer 

Although the alarm has to be set by the smartphone application itself, you can use the stopwatch and timer right from the smartwatch itself. 

It is very convenient to have those feature. 

Music control and phone calls notification 

For music, you can play or pause and change tracks. For phone calls, you get the notification on the smartwatch and you can also cut the incoming call but you cannot receive. 

Third-party app notifications 

All of the popular apps would be supported here. Apps such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter, and almost all other app on your smartphone can be enabled for notifications on your smartwatch. 

Sleep tracker 

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. Keeping a track of your sleep is no harm and rather very good. Sleep tracking helps you know your sleep cycle and the hours in which you were in deep sleep or the hours in which you were in light sleep.

Based on such data, you can try making the sleep timings more disciplined to allow your body to heal and rest properly.

Overall Design & Build Quality

boAt storm smartwatch design

As you wear the smartwatch, it does feel like a good quality smartwatch. The straps are high quality rubber and the design of the smartwatch is also very appealing to the eyes.

It can be suitable for both men and women. The black glass of the display feels very premium and scratch resistant. However, you should still be careful about storing it properly to avoid any scratches from sand, dust or small particles.

8 different active sport modes 

The various sport modes provided in this boAt storm smartwatch are run, walk, bike, hike , climbing, treadmill, spinning & yoga. 

This is indeed my favourite feature of the smartwatch. With the sport mode, I like to turn on the walk mode and I’m good to go for a walk. While i’m into this mode, I have a stopwatch running along with a bunch of other metrics showing in the watch such as number of steps I take, calories burnt, miles I covered, my bpm, etc. 

With all such goodies, you can really keep a good trace of your overall health in the long run. 

Menstruation cycle tracker

With this feature, you can record and predict your upcoming cycles so that you can stay prepared always. 

Different watch faces

There are a ton of watch faces that you can switch between. The best part is that you can set a custom background from your phone’s gallery and it looks fantabulous. 

boAt watch storm price

The pricing of this smartwatch is very reasonable. In india, the prices range from Rs 2499 to Rs 2999 as per the discounts applicable at the time of your purchase.

In this price range, the smartwatch has a lot to offer you in terms of value and features.




boAt is a well known brand for manufacturing some of the best products including Audio devices and now smartwatches. boAt Storm Smartwatch is also a value for money smartwatch that anyone can consider buying for moderate health tracking purposes. It allows for good connectivity with smartphone and marvelous design of the watch. Great battery life of 8 to 10 days and good user interface make it an incredible deal. 

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