Windows security is also known as Windows Defender in the old versions of Windows. So, What is Windows Security? Windows security is an essential and yet very powerful antivirus for Windows 10. The best thing about this antivirus is that it is inbuilt in Windows 10. Many people don’t even realize that they already have an antivirus in their PC. But the truth is Windows security is truly capable of detecting and removing almost all viruses from your computer. Talking about when it was made available then you will be surprised to know that this antivirus is available since Windows XP era. It has to be noted that with time, it has evolved to a great extent. Now it is considered to be the best antivirus for Windows 10 for many reasons that we would discuss here.

Today, with Windows 10, Microsoft pushes regular updates for Windows security. With this, Microsoft makes sure that its Windows 10 users have protection from the latest viruses and hacking software.

Reasons why Windows security is the best antivirus for Windows 10

1. Microsoft offers Windows Security

The first advantage that Windows security holds is that it has been designed and provided by Microsoft. We believe the company that created the Windows operating system knows the best how to protect it too. Microsoft keeps pushing cumulative updates for its Windows 10 computers so that there are no loopholes for viruses to take advantage of. Microsoft also collects information regarding all types of malicious activities on your PC. With this, it can relate to possible other virus attacks and safeguards its systems with the latest security patches.

2. It is not a memory hogger

A few problems with most of the famous antivirus is that they are great memory hoggers. They usually make your computer sluggish and degrade the performance of the computer. So, why not try the tool that is best suitable for the Windows 10 PC and yet very powerful. You would indeed feel the difference as you start using the Windows security antivirus.

3. Inherent in Windows

One of the reasons why Windows security is the best antivirus for Windows 10 is that it is inherent in Windows. Just like any other essential features of Windows, Windows security is also one of them. And the antivirus being in the roots of the operating system would be able to protect the system in the best way possible.

4. Detailed information about viruses

Windows security is indeed the best antivirus for Windows 10 as it provides detailed reports regarding the viruses of your PC. You can track where the viruses are hiding in your PC precisely with Windows security.

5. Different scanning modes

There are different scanning modes in Windows security. The first mode is the full PC scan that simply scans every file of your computer. Quick scan is also one of the options in the scanning list. Then you have a custom scan in which you can specify which location needs to be scanned. And you also have the Windows defender offline scan.

Another significant part of Windows security is that if you wish to install a third-party antivirus, still you can opt for the periodic scan with Windows security. This would ensure that the protection of your PC is never compromised. Ain’t this the best antivirus for Windows 10? Yes, it is. Microsoft has designed this software, keeping in mind the security of its users as a priority.

6. Antivirus with additional features

Apart from protecting your PC in the right way, Windows security also offers many different features that come quite handy. Why not rely on a complete suite that Microsoft is offering for just no cost at all? Yes, you heard that right. You get all the features without spending anything. Although, you need to take care of a few things to make this best antivirus for Windows 10 work more effectively.

Things to take care of

1. Avoid visiting harmful websites

Harmful websites can often offer you links to download dangerous software. On downloading and installing such software can break the security system of your personal computer. There have been many incidents in history when even the most secured computers have been hacked. The solution to such a thing is to avoid visiting those websites that pose a threat to security.

2. Uninstall software that is not from a trusted source

Continuing to use software that is not from trusted sources would only compromise the Windows Security. There can be some software that may install some other icons also along with them. This can become even more challenging to stop the virus from spreading. There have also been types of software that completely disable the virus protection of a Windows PC. So, you need to be careful with installing only trusted applications on your computer.

3. Keep your Windows 10 updated

Updating your operating system is very crucial if you want to keep your system safe. New updates often include bug fixes and performance enhancements of Windows operating system. So, it would only improve the effectiveness of the best antivirus for Windows 10. There are regular updates with the latest definition of the antivirus, which is essential for your computer.

4. Keep checking notifications

Windows Security also keeps pushing notifications regarding any viruses that it finds in the system. There are times when Windows security asks you to take actions against a virus manually. Windows security quarantines the active viruses automatically so that they cannot function and then it asks you to delete these viruses from within the app permanently. This functionality makes it the best antivirus for Windows 10. You can easily rely on this antivirus for the virus protection of your PC.

Some extra features you get with Windows Security

Device performance & health

This section of Windows security provides details like storage of your PC, apps and software and Fresh Start. All the errors regarding storage, app crashing, or any other driver problems would show up in this section. This way, you can have a glance over the health of your computer in an effective way. Also, if your computer has not been working fine in the last few days, then you can try the fresh start option in this section. This option re-installs the operating system from scratch with default settings.

Account Protection

This is a handy option that includes features like dynamic lock and Windows Hello. Additionally, you have the option to sign in and start protecting your PC in a much better way. You have the option to sign in to your Microsoft account which would ensure enhanced the security of your PC.

Firewall & Network Protection

Windows Security has firewall protection so that your public, as well as a private network, stays safe and monitored. With this option, you can track the status of which networks your computer is connected to. The different networks listed in the firewall includes Domain network, Private network, and Public network.

App and Browser Protection

This feature keeps a check on all the applications that you install on your computer. Also, there is a SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge, which monitors all the websites that you visit and whether they are safe or not. You would be notified as you visit any malicious site. This is one of the features that make Windows security the best antivirus for Windows 10.

Family Options

This is a feature that provides reasonable control over what your kids have access to. You can block certain types of websites that your kids have access to. You can set good screen timings for how long your kids use the internet. Also, you would be able to receive weekly reports for how your child has used web browsing. With buying control, you would restrict your kids for which content they see on the internet and what types of purchases they make.

Final words

With time, Windows security antivirus is getting only better. We would recommend that you try out the simple and yet very powerful antivirus provided with the Windows operating system. It is the best antivirus for Windows 10 available in the market. It only requires taking care of a few things, and your computer would stay safest and yet very responsive in performance.

Have you been bored with doing your work daily and looking at the same PC? We recommend that you must try some Windows 10 tweaks to make your PC seem a bit more attractive. Making your PC look cool will make you feel fresh when you next time open your PC for your work.

List of best Windows 10 tweaks to Customize Windows 10

Put a 4K wallpaper on your desktop

4k Wallpaper

One of the first Windows 10 tweaks to make your PC much more appealing is to change your old Windows 10 wallpaper. Have you ever tried a 4K wallpaper? There are chances that you would love your PC with a 4K wallpaper on the desktop. 4K wallpaper looks not only great but also takes full advantage of the full resolution of your computer’s display. So, why not download a 4K resolution wallpaper today and try out something different on your desktop.

Windows 10 themes

Windows 10 Tweaks

One of the quickest ways to customize Windows 10 is to apply Windows 10 themes. What this option does is that it changes your wallpaper and the color theme of your PC. So, if you are one of those people who does not want to spend hours searching for the best combination of Windows 10 customization, then this option is for you.

You can find this option in the personalization section of your Windows 10 settings. This can be one of the best Windows 10 tweaks that you can try for your PC.

Turn on color on Start, Taskbar, and Action Center


There is a pretty nice feature in Windows 10 with the help of which you can change the appearance of your PC. By default, Windows 10 comes with a black taskbar, start, and action center. You can go to the personalization section of Windows 10 settings. In personalization, click on colors and turn on show accent color on the start, taskbar, and action center. This will enable your theme color to show up on the start menu, taskbar, and action center.

Make your taskbar smaller

smaller taskbar

This idea is a bit different and is one of the best Windows 10 tweaks. This option provides a bit of more space to your screen by reducing the size of the taskbar. There is only one disadvantage of it that is the date gets hidden from the taskbar. This is not a big deal for getting more space for your desktop.

You would be able to find this option by right-clicking on your taskbar and then selecting taskbar settings. In taskbar settings, you can find use small taskbar buttons option which will make your taskbar slimmer than before.

Make your start menu compact

compact start menu

Yes, you do have the option of making your start menu much compact. In the newer versions of Windows, there is a feature of making the start menu much more compact.

The option is hidden in the personalization of Windows 10 settings and start option. Here you need to turn off the show app list in the start menu option. This will make your start menu much more compact than before. You will have only tiles or the full app list at once with toggle options at the side in the start menu.

Try Windows 10 Dark theme

Windows 10 Dark theme

Windows 10 dark theme is quite a handy feature with the help of which you can customize Windows 10 to look different than before. In the latest Windows 10 update 1809, you can also get a dark theme of Windows Explorer. This is an excellent feature for those who want to use their PC late at night. The dark theme might also save the battery of your laptop to some extent.

So, these were some of the best Windows 10 tweaks that you can try out to make your PC more appealing. Do let us know what are your favorite Windows 10 tweaks that you would recommend other people.