Let us here discuss the latest technology trends in the mobile world that you can expect throughout this year. Here we are going to list almost all of the mobile trends that are going to be followed by most of the mobile manufacturers.

V Notch or Water-drop Notch

V notch refers to the type of notch which does not copy the style of iPhones anymore. This is one of the kinds of notches that are more common these days with the new phones. These notches are a tiny v-shaped notch that look much better than other big notch phones. Also, this type of notch looks much cleaner than the one that is used in iPhones or other Android phones.

No Notch and No Bezels With Modular Cameras

Modular cameras are not being used by many companies but can be a trend in the upcoming days. Modular cameras have enabled phones to come with a full-screen display that is just gorgeous to look at. It indeed is an immersive experience to have a phone that has only display all over at the front. These kinds of phones also have the advantage of having a smaller body and yet a large screen. Some of the examples of the modular camera phones include: Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex S and many other phones are expected to launch in the coming future.

Infinity-O display

Samsung is introducing this concept with its new Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro 2019. Samsung has recently been experimenting with its mid-range phones to launch new features like Infinity-O display. After launching these new features in the mid-range, Samsung slowly implements it into its flagship line-up. So, here we are expecting the upcoming flagship phones from Samsung to launch with the new Infinity-O display.

In-display Fingerprint Sensor

An in-display fingerprint sensor is one of the best technology trends in the mobile world. It indeed is quite fascinating to think about how you can use a fingerprint scanner that is placed beneath a smartphone display. This latest feature is believed to win the hearts of many smartphone lovers. So, do expect to see a lot of new phones to launch with this new feature. The phones that already come with in-display fingerprint sensor include Vivo NEX, Vivo V11 Pro, OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

More Cameras

With the launch of many latest phones, we are encountering more number of cameras present on some phones than ever before. It is like becoming one of the new technology trends of 2019 that the mobile world is going to follow with the latest phones. This is supposed only to improve the photography experience on smartphones. So, you can expect to see many phones with lots of cameras this year.

3D Face ID

There are higher chances that after Apple, many other manufacturers may also launch their phones with 3D facial scanners. There are many reports that state 3D Face ID to be more secure than fingerprint sensors. This is also one of the reasons why Apple replaced its Touch ID with Face ID on their latest phones. So, there are chances that more phones may launch with this great feature in the upcoming days.

Do let us know which is your most awaited technology trend that is listed here. Stay tuned to get more such interesting information on technology trends of the future.