We have seen many different technologies in the mobile industry brought by Samsung, and this time, it has brought another. Samsung now launched Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) with triple cameras on the back. While many people are trying to get their hands on a dual-camera phone, Samsung has now brought a new trend.

Here are the main highlights of the phone:

Triple Cameras on the Back of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

The main highlighting feature of this phone is the triple cameras present on the back of this phone. What’s exciting is that it has three different cams that include the primary sensor of bumper 24 MP f/1.7, an 8 MP f/2.4 ultra-wide sensor and a 5 MP f/2.2 sensor for depth effects. Guess what? It is a monster when it comes to the quality of images captured by it.

For video recording, it is fully capable of capturing 4k videos without any hiccups. Also, the primary sensor of 24 MP is well capable of achieving great low light images and videos. With this, it is undoubtedly going to drive people crazy about it.

A 24 MP Selfie Camera

The phone has a 24 MP f/2.0 front camera to capture beautiful selfies. Also, it is a wide-angle camera that Samsung offers in most of its phones. It is no doubt a great combination of triple cameras on the back and a 24 MP front camera.

Android Oreo Out of the Box

Many devices have been lately receiving Android 9 (Pie) update, but the Samsung is always a bit lazy when it comes to providing the latest firmware with its new devices. However, it is not that much of a disappointment as the new Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) is coming with Android Oreo. This phone has excellent chances to receive the Android Pie update soon after this phone enters the market. You will surely see the Android Pie preinstalled on the new devices from Samsung like Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy Note10.

Side Mounted Fingerprint Sensor

You must have got bored with that traditional backside located fingerprint sensor or front side located fingerprint sensor, but Samsung has changed it. Now you have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that is mounted in the lock button. This position of the fingerprint sensor is a great position and convenient to unlock the phone. Also, it will make the phone look much cleaner at the back with just three monster cameras, an LED flash, and a Samsung logo found on the back of the phone. Samsung recently started positioning speakers on the side of its phones, and this time, it has done it with the fingerprint sensor.

A 3300 mAh Battery

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) comes with a massive 3300 mAh cell inside of it. Although the phone has a big display of 6-inch, still a 3300 mAh cell can last you a full day. If you still think that the battery is not big enough, then you should check out Samsung Galaxy Note9 that has a big 4000 mAh battery.

A Large 6-inch Display

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) comes with a large 6-inch display with 74.4% screen to body ratio. You will enjoy all of your media consumption on this great device that has a 6-inch display. The AMOLED technology of the phone increases the quality of the display even further so that you enjoy looking at the display.

128 GB and 64 GB Storage Variants

Samsung has introduced 128 GB and 64 GB variants of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). Those who are looking for a phone that has enough space would be more than happy with this phone.

6 GB RAM and 4 GB RAM Variants

You would be more than satisfied after knowing the RAM offered in the variants of this phone. You get 6 GB RAM with 128 GB storage variant and 4 GB RAM with 64 GB variant. These specs are enough to handle heavy RAM usage apps without any problem and make the phone blazingly fast.

Samsung A7 2018 is a significant update over the last year’s Samsung Galaxy A7 2017. There are no words on Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 release date, but it is expected to launch somewhere at the end of 2018 or in January 2019. The exciting thing is that Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) has been already launched in India for Rs 23,990. So, you can expect the launch soon globally.

Samsung A7 2018 prices are not confirmed yet, but we are expecting it to be more than $650.

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The Note series from Samsung is just one of the best Android smartphones on the market. Moreover, this time, Samsung has justified this fact that its Note series indeed has the best Android phones with Samsung Galaxy Note9 release. For this new Note, Samsung used the tagline “Go Big or Go Home.”

The big question that is raised is what the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Note9 is? So, let’s discuss the differences between both of the high-end phones.


The first area where Samsung has made some changes and improvements is the design. Samsung listened to its users very carefully about the fingerprint sensor being awkwardly placed in Samsung Galaxy Note8. So, Samsung introduced a much better fingerprint placement with Galaxy Note9, much like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ below the cameras.

While Samsung changed the fingerprint sensor placement, it also made some improvements to the other areas such as the lower bezel got a bit slimmer. With the bezels a bit thinner than before, Samsung Galaxy Note9 looks a bit smaller than its previous generation Note8.


The display of Samsung Galaxy Note9 just got 0.1 inches bigger, but the phone size is still 0.6 mm smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Other than the size of the display and fingerprint sensor placement, there is not much difference. The display of Galaxy Note9 continues to be one of the best AMOLED panels on the market.


This time Samsung decided to make it big with many aspects of this phone, and storage is one of those decisions of Samsung. Samsung has introduced the base model of Galaxy Note9 with 128 GB internal storage and another variant of the phone with a 512 GB internal storage. With such internal storage options, you have the external micro SD card option too, that even with 512 GB of capacity. So, you can make your Note a 1 TB storage phone to store as much data and media as you want.


Galaxy Note series has been famous for the functionality of S-Pen that it offers. The S-Pen of Samsung Galaxy Note9 has some new features with the help of its Bluetooth. With S-Pen, you can now play or pause music, control your presentations, and take pictures. This is just another great feature by Samsung to impress the Note users.

Stereo Speakers

Unlike the Galaxy Note8, this new phone comes with the Samsung Galaxy S9 family stereo speakers. These speakers enhance the quality of the speakers to a great extent. So, this also is a very nice improvement that Samsung has done.

Go Big or Go Home with the Big Battery of Samsung Galaxy Note9

One of the most reported issues by Samsung users were the battery backup of Samsung phones. Ever since the misfortune of Samsung Galaxy Note7, Samsung has been very careful to not include a bigger battery in its phones. Samsung has made sure that it does not repeat the same mistake ever again. For this, Samsung included an 8-point battery check stage in its phone production process. With this, it Included a massive 4000 mAh battery to provide a full day charge in Samsung Galaxy Note9.

So, this is how the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is different from Samsung Galaxy Note8. As far as the Galaxy Note9 price is concerned, it costs over $1000. The prices may vary for different countries so you should check with your nearby retailer of Samsung. Also, you should stay tuned with Freaks of Web for the upcoming news of Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung is doing very well with its top-notch latest phones that come without a notch. While Samsung Galaxy Note9 is attracting enough number of people, another great Samsung smartphone is coming with excellent features. If you are planning to buy a new Samsung smartphone, then you might want to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

There have been many leaks regarding the features of the upcoming Samsung beast, and here is what you can expect:

Three Different Samsung Galaxy S10 Models

There have been some leaks circling that Galaxy S10 might come with three different models. There can be a lite model, a regular model, and a plus model like most of the phones these days. Also, they all will differ in terms of the cost of phones with slight differences in features.

Improved Design

Samsung has been working on going beyond what it has achieved with phones of Samsung Galaxy S9 family. Samsung is now working to reduce the bezels of its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 further. It is being revealed by some trusted sources that the bottom chin of the phone is going to be half of the Galaxy Note9.

Triple Cameras

Many sources are claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with three beast cameras. Now this will be a big challenge to the competitors of Samsung. While everyone is running after the dual camera phones these days, Samsung seems to be all set to introduce a new trend.

The In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

There are some phones which already have the in-display fingerprint scanner technology, but Galaxy S10 is going to be the best phone to have it. Everyone knows Samsung always makes sure that it delivers what’s the best. Samsung seems to be playing it safe with all the technology that it introduces. Samsung is aiming at capturing a big market with its well tested in-display fingerprint scanner phone.

5G Network Compatibility

Sources are confirming that one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones will be compatible with the 5G network. Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the most likely to come with this new network because the plus version always has the best.

These are just leaks as of now, so you should wait a bit more to trust what is going to be the final product. Although this information cannot be fully believed, this information is coming from trusted sources. So, expect another beast phone from Samsung that is just around the corner.

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