The Note series from Samsung is just one of the best Android smartphones on the market. Moreover, this time, Samsung has justified this fact that its Note series indeed has the best Android phones with Samsung Galaxy Note9 release. For this new Note, Samsung used the tagline “Go Big or Go Home.”

The big question that is raised is what the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Note9 is? So, let’s discuss the differences between both of the high-end phones.


The first area where Samsung has made some changes and improvements is the design. Samsung listened to its users very carefully about the fingerprint sensor being awkwardly placed in Samsung Galaxy Note8. So, Samsung introduced a much better fingerprint placement with Galaxy Note9, much like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ below the cameras.

While Samsung changed the fingerprint sensor placement, it also made some improvements to the other areas such as the lower bezel got a bit slimmer. With the bezels a bit thinner than before, Samsung Galaxy Note9 looks a bit smaller than its previous generation Note8.


The display of Samsung Galaxy Note9 just got 0.1 inches bigger, but the phone size is still 0.6 mm smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Other than the size of the display and fingerprint sensor placement, there is not much difference. The display of Galaxy Note9 continues to be one of the best AMOLED panels on the market.


This time Samsung decided to make it big with many aspects of this phone, and storage is one of those decisions of Samsung. Samsung has introduced the base model of Galaxy Note9 with 128 GB internal storage and another variant of the phone with a 512 GB internal storage. With such internal storage options, you have the external micro SD card option too, that even with 512 GB of capacity. So, you can make your Note a 1 TB storage phone to store as much data and media as you want.


Galaxy Note series has been famous for the functionality of S-Pen that it offers. The S-Pen of Samsung Galaxy Note9 has some new features with the help of its Bluetooth. With S-Pen, you can now play or pause music, control your presentations, and take pictures. This is just another great feature by Samsung to impress the Note users.

Stereo Speakers

Unlike the Galaxy Note8, this new phone comes with the Samsung Galaxy S9 family stereo speakers. These speakers enhance the quality of the speakers to a great extent. So, this also is a very nice improvement that Samsung has done.

Go Big or Go Home with the Big Battery of Samsung Galaxy Note9

One of the most reported issues by Samsung users were the battery backup of Samsung phones. Ever since the misfortune of Samsung Galaxy Note7, Samsung has been very careful to not include a bigger battery in its phones. Samsung has made sure that it does not repeat the same mistake ever again. For this, Samsung included an 8-point battery check stage in its phone production process. With this, it Included a massive 4000 mAh battery to provide a full day charge in Samsung Galaxy Note9.

So, this is how the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is different from Samsung Galaxy Note8. As far as the Galaxy Note9 price is concerned, it costs over $1000. The prices may vary for different countries so you should check with your nearby retailer of Samsung. Also, you should stay tuned with Freaks of Web for the upcoming news of Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Samsung Galaxy S10.