Google chrome is one of the most used browsers for almost all the operating systems available across various devices. Google Chrome web store is a store that further enhances the usability of the chrome browser. Here we would discuss the best Chrome plugins you can use to increase your usual life productivity. 

List of best chrome plugins:

Dark reader 

This is simply the most helpful and good for health plugin that you can use. As the name suggests, you can easily turn any website into high contrast and easy to read mode. This reduces the amount of light that comes out from your PC screen. With the help of this plugin, 99.9% webpages can have a dark background which is convenient for night reading. 

Bright screens of computers can disturb your precious night sleep if you keep using your PC at night. This is when the dark reader can help eliminate such problems. 

Grammarly Chrome plugin

Grammarly is another helpful addon for chrome and one of the best chrome extensions. This chrome add on helps people get better at their writing skills. It provides a free grammar check to help people write better. So, how does Grammarly make money if it is free? The answer is, it has a premium membership plan as well.

With the help of this plugin, one can get real-time grammatical suggestions to correct sentences. It supports many different text fields so that you can get grammar suggestions wherever you type. 

Suggestions such as punctuation, plagiarism check, vocabulary usage, detection of monotonous language, writing score, settings of goals, etc are a few great features of Grammarly chrome plugin. This makes Grammarly one of the best chrome plugins to use. Even those with poor grammar can help themselves with this tool and start writing professionally.

Google Keep 

This is one of the helpful plugins Chrome has to offer. With Google keep, one can jot down all his notes on Google keep and be able to access it from anywhere from any device. 

This application backs up all notes by default to the Google account. This way, you can log in anywhere on any device and resume from where you left off.

With this plugin, you can also create a Google to do list and follow them throughout your day. Google keep reminder is another great feature of Google keep.

This plugin shows a quick note dropdown with which you can continue to note your information while you do your work. 

Google Translate

Chrome translate plugin is a helpful plugin for those that use different sources of data to extract helpful information. Google and AI combined have formed a powerful tool that can convert different languages to your desired language. 

So, now you will never have to wait anymore if you want to translate websites on the go. Google translate is always the perfect plugin for this purpose among different chrome plugins in the web store.


Adblock can be useful for some as it removes some clutter from websites you visit. However, it also comes with some drawbacks too that you should keep in mind before starting to use Adblocker. So, the biggest drawback of AdBlockers is that they slow down your PC greatly. 

If you are already using ad blockers on your personal computers, then you should try out removing them for a couple of days. You would instantly see a huge boost in the performance of your chrome browser as you remove AdBlockers. 

How to access Google chrome plugins?

To access the best chrome plugins, you need to click on the apps icon when you open Google chrome. This will take you to a page that would show you apps installed in chrome. Here, click on the web store to open chrome plugin store. Now you can continue to search for your desired plugins and add plugin to chrome. 

You can also search for Google web store if you are having trouble navigating to the chrome web store. Chrome plugins page offers an ample number of plugins to enhance the functionality of the Google Chrome browser. 

To disable chrome plugins, you need to go to menu of chrome browser, and click on more tools and then click on extensions. Here you can manage chrome plugins easily. 

By default, chrome plugins do not work in chrome incognito mode. So, if you want your plugins to work in incognito mode, then go to manage extensions and turn on specific plugins for incognito mode.