Sinusitis is a prevalent problem in many people around the world. It refers to inflammation caused to the thin membranes of sinuses of a human. This problem is also commonly known with the names of sinus infection or rhinosinusitis. 

Many people refer to this problem as an allergy. This can be even true to some extent when you are in specific conditions such as extreme humid environment or pollution area. Sinusitis when lasts around four weeks or less than it; then it is called acute Sinusitis. If this Sinus infection lasts over 12 weeks or more, then it is known as chronic Sinusitis. 

So, how do you identify Sinusitis? 

Symptoms of Sinusitis

The symptoms of Sinusitis include : 

  1. Nasal congestion
  2. Itching in the nose 
  3. Running nose 
  4. Pain in sinuses 
  5. Clogged ears
  6. A cold that frequently occurs 
  7. Thick & colorless mucus
  8. Blocked nose
  9. Sneezing 
  10. Loss of Smell

All such symptoms might not happen to you all at the same time, but these are the most common ones that usually occur in most cases. 

There is also the fact that these symptoms are most common either in the morning or at changing weather times. Moreover, these problems may become worse with strong fragrances or pollution or smoking conditions. 

Cause of the Problem

The cause of the problem is usually bacterial infections, allergies, the bad structure of the nose, a weak immune system of the person, or exposure to pollution. 


While Sinusitis may not be a big problem for most people. It can be especially troublesome for some if it is recurring. With Sinusitis and prolonged cold and sneezing problems, one can develop asthma. 

Exposure to polluted environment or smoking can double the effects of sinusitis problem. So, it would help if you preferably refrain from getting into these environments. 


Sinus treatment in this case can be found either with medicines or with natural lifestyle changes. So, the treatment can be with antihistamines, nasal irrigation such as neti pot solution, nasal sprays, etc. You should contact a doctor if you want to get a more thorough prescription of medicines that you should take. A professional doctor would be able to assess your actual condition and accordingly advice you the medicines. 

Sinusitis Surgery

If the medicines do not work, then you might have to go through an operation in which your structural problems are treated. In Sinusitis surgery, the sinuses are also flushed with a saline solution to clear out the mucus and infections present inside the sinuses. Even surgery can sometimes prove to be ineffective, and the problem may recur. Balloon Sinuplasty is the procedure that doctors follow for Sinusitis treatment. So, professional medical help is needed here to get started with surgery.

Natural Remedies 


Garlic is indeed one of the best immune boosters and has the capability of fighting off many of the problems in a human being. It is very much able to cure a common cold in a person and contains antioxidants, and it helps many people to fight off their heart diseases as well. 

The most crucial factor is that Garlic has anti-inflammatory effects that can be extremely helpful in nasal congestion treatment. So, all you have to do is to take a raw garlic clove and peel it and eat it by chewing it a bit. You may also prefer water with it to quickly gulp down it. You can take garlic cloves two times a day for good results. 

Take Steam 

Steam also has excellent effects for nasal congestion relief. Steam can be especially useful for you if you have irritations in your nostrils and feel discomfort. It can thin out the mucus of your sinuses and make them clear in very less time. 

Reduce Stress

One of the reasons why you suffer from most of the problems is that you might be having a high level of stress. So, it can be extremely helpful if you take down your stress level a bit and live your life happily. Try hanging out with people who have a positive mind and have a good sense of humor. 

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